Foodstuffs in Vestfold

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kr 40/kg CIF  
Wholesale price
from kr 30/kg
Вайсніос, LLC, UA
God ettermiddag, herrer. Vi leverer ukrainsk honning som bærer energien fra den ukrainske solen. I Sandefjord havn, på CIF vilkår, vil honningen...
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Natural and pure natural drinking water
Wholesale price
kr 0.19-0.32/pc
Natural and pure natural drinking water from the bowels of the Republic of Belarus, which is famous for its rich natural gifts! Our company is...
Oyster mushroom Ordinary Cultivated
AgroSnabResheniya, EM, Oslo
Producer of fresh mushroom Oyster mushroom Ordinary Cultivated offers: 1) Substrate blocks. 15 euros for one block weighing 13-14 kg 2) Fresh...
Price on request
Алегри, PE, UA
Uklassifisert pasteurisert direktepresset juice eplejuice Eple- og ripsjuice Eple- og solbærsaft Saft eple og svart chokeberry Eple- og...
Arganöl Bio Vegan 100%
Wholesale price
from kr 9.20/pc
ProfSadei Professional..., DE, DE
Arganöl Bio Vegan 100%, Kaltgepresst, 100ml Lichtschutz Glas- Flasche, Feuchtigkeitspflege, Haut, Gesicht, Anti-Aging, Haare, Hände &Nägel.
Price on request
TARA, SRL, IT +4 ads
We are Polish company TARA offer wheat flour, Sunflower oil, hydrated soybean oil from Ukraine
Fruites from the foothills of Turkmenistan
Wholesale price
from $0.70/kg EXW
Ишанкулиев, SP, TM
We offer you ecologically clean and non-GMO apples grown in the foothill region of Turkmenistan. Without the use of any chemistry, the most...
Sesame oil
$6/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
kr 6-7/pc
Торг, SP, TM +9 ads
Wishing you all the best and hoping for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer you our 100% unrefined first-class natural product -...
Refined deodorized frozen Sunflower Oil
Wholesale price
from €0.89/l DAP
Gross Trading, LLC, UA
We offer refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil, packaged in PET bottles of 0.85 l, 1 l, 3 l, 5 l, 18 l, 20 l, 25 l Bottled sunflower oil comes...
Liquid Whole Egg
Wholesale price
from $1,500/t EXW
Риверсайд групп, LLC, UA
Commodity: Liquid Frozen Mélange Origin: Ukraine Specification: Pasteurized liquid whole egg, without shell fragments, films, frozen up to -18C....
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